How to bring Putin and his henchmen to justice

News January 23, 2023 News
How to bring Putin and his henchmen to justice

From The Washington Post | Opinions by the Editorial Board

The blood-spattered tableau of Russian atrocities in Ukraine has rightly inspired demands for accountability and justice, not least from President Biden, who has called Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and said Russian forces have committed “genocide.” Moscow’s troops are surely guilty of war crimes and should be held to account. A tougher question is how to mete out justice to Mr. Putin and his top ministers, generals and oligarch financiers — those principally responsible for launching an illegal war against a sovereign nation.

Ukraine, key Western nations as well as the International Criminal Court have gathered reams of incriminating data that can and should be used as evidence to prosecute Russian commanders in Ukraine for particular war crimes. But it would be a travesty to haul those officers into the dock while turning a blind eye to the culprits in the Kremlin who unleashed the most horrific bloodbath in Europe since the wars in the former Yugoslavia 30 years ago.

Photo by Alexander Zemlianichenko / Associated Press

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