How Indian Americans are making Diwali their own

Culture November 4, 2021 News
How Indian Americans are making Diwali their own

From CNN by Harmeet Kaur and Alisha Ebrahimji, CNN

Diwali wasn't a big part of Radha Patel's childhood growing up in Maryland. Her parents, though Hindu, weren't particularly observant, and while the family attended Diwali celebrations and pujas hosted by other relatives, they didn't necessarily do anything special at home.

Now that Patel has two kids of her own, the 38-year-old's outlook on the festival of lights has changed. She wants her children to feel connected to their Indian heritage, so she makes a concerted effort each year to make the holiday feel special for them. Patel and her family take part in common traditions such as performing ritual prayers, decorating the house with lights and drawing rangolis. But they've also adapted some Western traditions, like getting family photos taken for their Diwali cards and exchanging gifts at Diwali instead of Christmas.

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