Russian President Vladimir Putin signs expanded anti-LGBTQ+ law

Lifestyle December 6, 2022 Lifestyle
Russian President Vladimir Putin signs expanded anti-LGBTQ+ law

From CBS News by C Mandler

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed expanded anti-LGBTQ+ legislation on Monday. The law was originally introduced by the lower house of Russia's legislature in October, and banned so-called "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations" for both adults and minors, said a statement by the State Duma. The original bill passed both the lower and upper chambers of Russian legislature before being signed into law by Putin. 

All positive depictions of the LGBTQ+ community in literature, film, television, online, and more will now be illegal in Russia. 

"The initiatives propose punishment for the promotion and justification of non-traditional sexual relations in the media, the Internet, literature and cinema," the statement from the State Duma read, describing the imposition of intimidating fines against individuals, organizations and businesses that the State deems as violating the new legislation. 

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