One more thing for Democrats to fix: the Republican Party

News January 4, 2023 News
One more thing for Democrats to fix: the Republican Party

From NBC News | Think | Opinion by Neal Urwitz, public relations executive

There is no shortage of crises for us Democrats to address, from a burning planet to immense inequality. Yet the most dire threat Democrats must face is the threat to American democracy itself. 

And that, ironically, means Democrats must focus on fixing the Republican Party.

The reason is simple: At some point, Republicans will be in charge. They’ve already taken the House, and before long, they could control the Senate or the White House (or both). The pendulum swing of American politics is inevitable. I do not know if a Republican takeover will happen in 2024, 2028, or 2032. I do not know if it will be because Democrats overstep or if Democratic voters, as in 2016, run out of enthusiasm.

But it will happen. And the current iteration of the Republican Party would strip away American democracy. It has proven itself unable to govern and betrayed a dangerous admiration for authoritarianism.

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