Gardeners are earth's 'green warriors'

News March 11, 2022 Home & Garden
Gardeners are earth's 'green warriors'

From News-Review| Lifestyle by Mary Agria

Sometimes, to non-gardeners, gardening may seem like the domain of little old ladies in straw sun hats. That stereotype is anything but the truth. I prefer to picture gardeners as earth's 'green' and gentle warriors at work to cultivate a more beautiful, life-enhancing world.

A 2021 survey by the UK’s Draper Tools reveals that among the 18 to 34 age group, a rousing 83 percent considered gardening to be ‘cool.' And 53 percent said they would rather hang out in a garden center than a nightclub. Gardening is physical: witness garden clubs' increasing focus on ways to help the elderly and physically challenged participate. Yet on a purely psychological level, gardening can improve our mood, relieve stress, expand our attention span, and boost self-esteem as we watch the earth respond to our efforts. It takes time to garden, a vital awareness to cultivate in an impatient, results-obsessed world.

Photo Courtesy Mary Agria

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