The HGTV-ification of America

News August 22, 2022 Home & Garden
The HGTV-ification of America

From The Atlantic by Amanda Mull

You can't escape gray floors.

You’ve seen the gray flooring. You know its lifeless hue even if you haven’t been house hunting recently. The stuff is in old-house-rehab shows on HGTV, in the house next door that’s now on the market for the second time in nine months, in the ads for at least one but probably several new condo buildings in a rapidly gentrifying part of your city. It’s as omnipresent online as it is in real life, making frequent appearances in the newly purchased houses of 20-something TikTok-hustle influencers and in the homes that play background to Millennials trying to make their pets Instagram famous.

Photo by Joanne Imperio, The Atlantic

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