‘The King and His Husband’: The Gay History of British Royals

News July 10, 2021 Lifestyle
King Edward II was known for his intensely close relationships with two men.  Photo by duncan1890/Getty Images

From The Washington Post by Kayla Epstein

Ordinarily, the wedding of a junior member of the British royal family wouldn’t attract much global attention. But Lord Ivar Mountbatten’s did.

That’s because Mountbatten, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth II, wed James Coyle in the summer of 2018 in what was heralded as the “first-ever” same-sex marriage in Britain’s royal family.

But the union isn’t believed to be the first same-sex relationship in British monarchy, according to historians. And they certainly couldn’t carry out their relationships openly or without causing intense political drama within their courts.

Photo by duncan1890/Getty Images

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