The War on Black History has Reached New Heights

Culture March 4, 2022 Culture
The War on Black History has Reached New Heights

From NBC News | Think by David A. Love

What's really lost when schools only make Black History Month lessons optional

In a country where the teaching of Black history, African history and ethnic studies is woefully inadequate and often nonexistent, Black History Month is the bone that is thrown to Black people, almost like a concession. It is relegated to the sidelines and treated like something that only Black children should learn. It is an afterthought, far removed from the “real” history, which centers white people, is taught year-round and is required for all children to learn.

The fight to ban or allow students to opt-out of learning about Black history reflects a greater effort by conservatives and white supremacists to eliminate public education and academic freedom and kill a fragile multiracial democracy that never had time to grow.

Photo by Jerry Holt / Star Tribune via Getty Images

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