Office sheds give new meaning to ‘working in the garden’

News October 26, 2021 Home & Garden

From Seattle Times by Tim Hornyak, The New York Times

In the Before Time of offices, there was front and back. Now it is home and garden.

When Priscilla Fernandes and her husband, Carl Ainsworth, moved into a new house in London in 2019, they planned on replacing its dilapidated shed with something prefabricated. Then came an idea: Replace the shed with an office.

Six months of designing and building later, with help from a neighboring joiner, their shed office was complete. It has a folding desk attached to the wall, a workbench for standing, two windows looking out on their garden in Bromley, electricity and an internet connection. There is an easy chair and, hanging on the wall, a bicycle.

Photo by Getty Images

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