People and Plants Need Coffee

News January 20, 2023 Home & Garden
People and Plants Need Coffee

From Victoria Advocate | Home and Garden by Suzanne LaBrecque, Victoria County Master Gardener

Many years ago when I first began collecting house plants, my Great-Aunt Jo told me “Plants are like people. They need their caffeine fix every week or two.”

Every so often, I would pour some diluted coffee on them and wonder if it perked them up. Well, it didn’t seem to hurt them.

One of the best ways to use coffee grounds is to compost them. Coffee grounds add nitrogen to compost piles. Coffee grounds and coffee filters can both be composted. Remember that these two are considered green compost material and will need to be balanced with brown compost material. The ratio of brown and green compost should be 4:1.

Photo Courtesy Gardening Chores

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