'Magic mushroom' psychedelic may help heavy drinkers quit

Health August 24, 2022 News
'Magic mushroom' psychedelic may help heavy drinkers quit

From ABC News | Health by Carla K. Johnson, AP Medical Writer

The compound in psychedelic mushrooms helped heavy drinkers cut back or quit entirely in the most rigorous test of psilocybin for alcoholism.

More research is needed to see if the effect lasts and whether it works in a larger study. Many who took a dummy drug instead of psilocybin also succeeded in drinking less, likely because all study participants were highly motivated and received talk therapy.

The new research, published Wednesday in JAMA Psychiatry, is “the first modern, rigorous, controlled trial" of whether it can also help people struggling with alcohol, said Fred Barrett, a Johns Hopkins University neuroscientist who wasn't involved in the study.

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