The Washington Post's opinion page hits rock bottom

Opinion November 24, 2021 News
The Washington Post's opinion page hits rock bottom

From The Daily Kosby Dartagnan, Community Contributors Team

News outlets under the First Amendment have a tremendous amount of leeway, and, of course, they should. They should be entitled to print diverse, conflicting, even vehemently oppositional views, and they shouldn’t be concerned about how many people might disagree with any given viewpoint they choose to print. Hell, that’s why we’re all here on Daily Kos.

But there’s also an issue of responsibility and decorum that we’ve learned to expect from those hallowed, established news outlets we consider as trustworthy. And this, by right-wing columnist Marc Thiessen, is just intolerable, coming from The Washington Post. It’s beyond the pale of what anyone is entitled to expect from a publication with The Post’s history. Go ahead and read it, and if it doesn’t give you a queasy feeling inside, then you probably don’t understand journalism.

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