Authenticity, community and a lot of Guinness: Tempe's Rula Bula is gone. But its legacy lives on

Food June 25, 2021 Topic

From Arizona Republic | Entertainment by Tirion Morris

Rula Bula sold more Guinness than any other pub, bar or restaurant in Arizona. It was number one by far, selling more than double anyone else, according to Guinness beer distributor Crescent Crown.

The longtime Tempe pub sold 347 kegs of the Irish dry stout per year, which breaks down to about 3,600 pints every month, the distributor confirmed.

"The idea is if you jumped out of an airplane in a parachute and you just landed in this pub, you wouldn’t be able to tell you're in the United States," founder Steve Goumas said.

Photo by Jeremiah Toller/Special for AZ Central

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