Why the tide may be turning on Trump

Opinion November 30, 2021 News
Why the tide may be turning on Trump

From CNN | Opinionby Frida Ghitis

Frida Ghitis, (@fridaghitis) a former CNN producer and correspondent, is a world affairs columnist. She is a weekly opinion contributor to CNN, a contributing columnist to The Washington Post and a columnist for World Politics Review. The views expressed in this commentary are her own. View more opinion on CNN.

What's that we hear? Is it the sound of prominent conservatives and Trump allies openly rebuking former President Donald Trump? Are these the early murmurs of a conservative backlash against Trump? And is it possible a political lane is opening for another Republican presidential candidate in 2024?

It's too soon to know, of course, and there's plenty of evidence that those who stand up against the vindictive Trump will end up crushed by either his bullying ways or by his loyal followers, with little support from the rest of the GOP. And yet, it is noteworthy that in the past few days we have heard from two major figures in the conservative camp telling Trump that he should stop whining about the election he lost and let the Republican Party focus on real issues, instead of his self-serving fantasies.

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