Trump pleading the Fifth isn’t just about hypocrisy

Opinion August 10, 2022 News
Trump pleading the Fifth isn’t just about hypocrisy

From The Washington Post | The Fix Analysis by Aaron Blake

This post, originally from February, has been updated with the news of Trump pleading the Fifth.

The former president who has repeatedly said that pleading the Fifth Amendment implied guilt is now pleading the Fifth. Donald Trump in a statement Wednesday signaled he will register the plea to avoid testifying in a civil investigation run by New York Attorney General Letitia James (D).

But the apparent hypocrisy in that isn’t the only key point here.

This move had been telegraphed as far back as February, when Trump’s lawyer suggested Trump would do this if he wasn’t given immunity. And in his statement on the day he was due to be deposed, Trump acknowledged his convenient evolution on the subject.

Photo by Jason Botsford, The Washington Post

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