The truth about Trump is out there. And it's coming soon

Opinion November 11, 2021 News
The truth about Trump is out there. And it's coming soon

From CNN | Opinionby Michael D'Antonio

Michael D'Antonio is the author of the book "Never Enough: Donald Trump and the Pursuit of Success" and co-author, with Peter Eisner, of the book "High Crimes: The Corruption, Impunity, and Impeachment of Donald Trump." The opinions expressed in this commentary are his own. View more opinion on CNN.

Stripped of the executive power that once let him evade accountability, former president Donald Trump appears to be losing his fight to keep his secrets from the American people. It's a remarkable development for a man long recognized for his powerful use of secrecy -- and for those who have yearned for the truth and feared they'd never get it.

On Monday, Trump asked a federal judge to block the handover of records relating to his presidency and the January 6 insurrection to the House select committee investigating the insurrection. As she denied Trump's request, Judge Tanya Chutkan wrote, "Presidents are not kings, and Plaintiff is not President."

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